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approximately 10 pounds - Fresh - Maui

Kona Kampachi™ is a sushi-grade fish with amazing versatility. This Hawaiian yellowtail fish is receiving significant attention from chefs who are increasingly preparing it in sashimi and sushi raw fish recipes, as well as

Looking to add a healthy fish to your diet? Kona Kampachi™ is one of the healthiest fish on the market, extremely rich in healthy omega-3 fish oil and without detectable levels of mercury.

Grown in the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean off the Kona coast, this Hawaiian yellowtail fish is the first farm

Kona Kampachi™ is the product of environmentally sustainable fish aquaculture achieved through Kona Blue's deep ocean fish farms and innovative marine hatchery technology.

Kona Blue's deep-ocean aquaculture was recently featured in Business 2.0 Magazine as a technology which could help save declining fish populations.

You must pre-order your Kona Kampachi by end-of-day Thursday for shipping the following week. Please indicate what ship week you would like if you are ordering farther in advance. We will ship early in the week to ensure the fish arrives before the weekend. You will be contacted by e-mail to confirm your order.

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additional information:
- All Hawaiian Fish is shipped Priority Overnight. Locations east of the Rockies will take two days to arrive.
- We try to get as close to ordered weight as possible, and still maintain the integrity of the fish. Price is pro-rated to the closest tenth of a pound at the same per-pound rate.

- It is important that someone be home to receive the fish when it arrives, to make sure it is refrigerated right away. It may be better to send it to a business address if you are not home during the daytime.