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Katz Wild Blackberry Honey - 17 OZ - California 
For many of us who grew up in California or the Pacific Northwest, summertime is often associated with the picking of wild blackberries along roadsides. For a short three week period, the thorny vines shoot tiny white flowers, allowing the bees to gather their yearly nectar.

Light amber in color, this honey has a very floral bouquet with a silky smooth texture. Phenomenal spread on warm toast or scones, and adds a nice sweet kick to marinades and dressings.

California and Pacific Northwest roadsides are covered with ever invasive, horribly thorny wild blackberries. Those of us who wait all summer with baited breath for the plump, blackberries to ripen and their sweet juices burst forth at the touch, forgive the thorny brambles after the first handful. And now, we have another reason to forgive them their thorns: this wonderful honey is made by bees that gather the nectar from the tiny white flowers that come before the fruit. Ah, heaven!

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