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Katz Raspberry Flower Honey

17 oz jar
- Napa, California

Raspberry Flower Honey

I have been thinking about this honey and what to say about it for months. Honey is one of those foods that is often described as amazing. In it's natural state, it lasts many, many lifetimes! 

Tasting honey is fun, yet at some point you form a strong opinion about the ones you do like and some you don't. 

So, quite frankly, when it came to taste testing a "red raspberry" honey it seemed like it would be less than exciting. Boy, was I wrong! I love this honey! 

So simple, a mono floral honey may only be from one flowering plant, the flavor is so unique that each one is different! And when you pair this honey with fresh fruit the match is magical! The honey takes on a bright vibrancy!

And it is my all time favorite when added to a black tea or even just hot water!

If there was a color that could describe the flavor of this honey, this label does it. It's flowery (in a good way), it's sweet (in a honey way), and it has this complete honey vapor feel. In tea, for me, it compliments, it enhances, and it adds personality. 

All of Branches honeys are gathered directly from the hives and bottled unpasturized, thus maintaining the multitude of health benefits associated with honey that are often lost in traditional commercial honey from overheating to eliminate crystallization. 

A unique honey gathered from hives of the coastal raspberry crop possessing mellifluous straw color and floral scented overtones. This is a rare instance where the honey tastes like the fruit of the plant with a distinctive fresh raspberry finish that is both pleasantly sweet and tart.

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Average Rating:
(based on 2 reviews)
Yes, you can taste the raspberries!
Wonderful stuff! This honey has a delicate aroma of raspberry blossoms and just a hint, but definitely there, of raspberry taste in the honey sweetness. Great on biscuits or scones! Another honey I find myself ordering again and again.
by Scott
I love this honey. One of my all-time favorites. You can taste a hint of raspberries...In addition to that, it basically tastes like sunshine. I eat it any old time, but if I'm feeling a little depressed I'll have a always helps. It's got some super duper summertime bee magic.
by leigh lennox