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There will not be any Meyer Lemon Olive Oil for 2018/2019. We are very sad! Nature has kept the lemons and the olives from coming together.

Katz Meyer Lemon Olive Oil

12.7 oz - 375 ml - Organic - Suisun Valley, California (2017 Harvest)

Katz organic olive oil makes Life Better!
Like a delicious treat to sip and savor, this pressed Meyer lemon olive oil is special! 

What makes this so great, of course, is the careful choices that Albert and his team make in choosing and blending his olives together (when to pick, press, the mix/percentages etc.) to make the baseline of this oil, it is also the topping on the cake, so to speak, of the crushing of the sweet, tart, lemony, Meyer Lemon addition (and together) that makes this one of the most anticipated oils (of all oils) of the year.

Katz organic olive oil has this amazing, hard to describe Meyer Lemon sweetness “on top” making it one of the lightest, brightest oils of the year and with a peppery finish at the end. 

How could you go wrong with an oil with so much fun and happiness all bottled up waiting to explode across your palate?

If you have been waiting to top your favorite dish with a citrusy brightness that cures all ailments, then you have found the oil to change your demeanor today!

Even to the tongue the lemon just comes out and sings this wonderful “sighing” song of satisfaction!

Taste Katz organic olive oil and you will explore an unbelievable feeling of fresh oil across the tongue whilst floating above is the effervescent lemony snippets of peel and oil! It’s like a two part harmony!

A very small yield of olives means an extremely limited supply of oil this year. Only one bottle per customer.

Please order Katz organic olive oil now. First come first serve!

This Meyer lemon olive oil will change your life! 
2016 Harvest

What a wonderful smell! The first whiff is definitely that of a lemon sweetly interlaced with the nose of a freshly pressed olive oil.

A quick note; great citrus olive oil's are ones where the olives and the citrus (in this case Meyer Lemon) are literally pressed together so that the oil takes on the lemons sweeter side and whatever miracle of science happens creating this perfection of bonding flavors.

And this year the tongue is not disappointed. It speaks loudly about how Katz Meyer Lemon Olive Oil comes through with a strong, vibrant and lemony, never forgetful, super special flavorichness.

If you're careful, when you first taste and just dip the tip of your tongue in a spoonful of oil you will get a lemon flavor like no other. And if you enthusiastically lap it up, all of that oil will race to the back of your throat peppering you up to make you cough!

Once you have adjusted to the vibrant Meyer Lemon Olive Oil you'll soon discover as you taste more that there's a moment where it vaporizes surprisingly at the top front of your mouth even as the oil heads to the back of your throat. Unlike the oils of recent years where the burn has been at the top of the throat, this oil moves to a more familiar lower part of the throat. Refreshing!

This Meyer Lemon Olive Oil brings wonderful memories of years past, before drought, before excessive heat, and even heavy rain. This one amazing citrus olive oil is the best it has ever been!

This organic Meyer Lemon Olive Oil bottling is still a hand process. The labeling machine is brand new this year!

about the product:
The inspiration for KATZ Meyer Lemon Olive Oil is rooted in the Italian culinary tradition of pressing fresh lemons together with the last batch of olives. (The lemon juice is quickly taken out.) This brilliant technique produces an oil coveted by the mill owner and the mill workers...traditionally, there usually isn't even enough leftover to sell.

Here, Northern California wine country's Suisun Valley shines as organic Meyer Lemons are wedded to organic Taggiasca olives, and a tumultuous year-long gestation gives birth to a deilght for the senses.

Serving Suggestions
This gorgeous oil is perfect for drizzling over fresh or grilled vegetables or fish - it perectly enhances halibut, sea bass and even wild salmon. It can even stand alone as a salad dressing with a pinch of fleur de sel and a grind of fresh pepper. Try it with an Israeli-style chopped salad: diced shallots, cucumber and tomato tossed with lemon oil and salt and pepper.

Flavor, Flavor, Flavor: Above the Rest
The Meyer Lemon is a hybrid with a thinner skin, much less pith and a sweeter, more aromatic flavor than ordinary lemons. There is a plethora of Meyer lemon olive oil coming out of California these days, most made with quiet, buttery late-harvest Mission olive blends, in which the flavor of Meyer lemons overwhelms the the mild oil.

Katz organic olive oil, on the other hand, is made from olives harvested earlier - picked at the peak of flavor, not when they're so ripe that the flavor is greatly mellowed. It's full of flavor and great olivey bouquet. The oil comes from a blend of Casaliva and Taggiasca olives. Native to Liguria, the Taggiasca varietal is relatively rare in California, and the trees for this oil are planted in Suisun Valley, a designated AVA (American Viticulture Area) on the eastern border of Napa County - it is the largest of only a few Taggiasca plantings in the state.

********** Tasting Notes from Prior Years **********

Tasting Notes: 2012/2013 harvest

Maybe Ever!

The anticipated opening of the bottle. First releasing the cork from it’s red wrapping and then pulling quickly to get the pop! Then as quickly I put my nose over the freshly opened bottle. This tells so much! With this oil there is nothing like it, the green of the freshly crushed olives and citrus combine to make heaven!

The first sip brings a citrus treat and aroma in the mouth combined with the fresh, and it seems so fresh olive oil and then this year, a gentle hot burn in the back on the upper sides of the throat, enough to bring the much anticipated cough. Now understand this is only if you take a big gulp. If you lap a little in from a spoon, the heat is just a tickle, but the citrus is there in all it’s glory. I can’t wait to pair with pasta or a citrus salad!

Tasting Notes: 2010 harvest (2011)
This years oil shows a softness, a bit of good olive oil bitterness on the edges of the tongue, and full round flavor that is rich in sweet Meyer Lemon.

A complex oil that brings a freshness of fresh pressed citrus and olive together in a wonderful combination. Though Albert thinks that perhaps this is the most lemony oil yet, I think it is the most pronounced lemon AND the most pronounced olive together, ever! A subtle, but important, difference in that this oil shows and shares its roots very nicely. Not just a blend, but an olive oil which has personality that includes lemon.

KATZ Meyer Lemon Olive oil is indeed a special treat. Order today, as supplies are limited - as usual.

Tasting notes: 2009 harvest (last year's oil)
Albert Katz made me a liar for the third year in a row. This is one good oil and perhaps the best it has ever been! Even so, this year's Meyer Lemon Olive Oil is something of an anomaly compared to previous years.

Every year I think that Albert can't possibly make an oil better than he did the year before. And, though this years oil is not a sharp tongued as it has been in the past, its flavor profile is a wonderful experience when it first enters your mouth and exits down your throat.

If there is a common profile this year in almost all the 2009 oils, whether from Italy, Spain or California; it is that buttery feeling. This Meyer Lemon Olive oil is good and, for sure, one of my favorites of the last five years ….

ingredients: Olive oil, Meyer Lemons


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I'm a believer!
Katz Meyer Lemon Olive Oil is WONDERFUL! I cut up parsnips, carrots & butternut squash into bite size pieces...sprinkled sea salt & pepper and drizzled the lemon olive oil to coat the veggies. Baked in a shallow pan at 325 degrees for a little over an hour. After they were cooked tender, I let them rest for a few minutes and then drizzled more of the lemon olive oil and also a drizzle of La Vecchia Aceto Balsamicico before serving. Oh my was magnifico! I LOVE Chef Shop!!!
by Donna
I have been getting this olive oil for about 3 years. It is incredible. Served it on mashed potatoes to my grandchildren and they loved it. Another favorite is on lightly cooked and cooled asparagus then finished with a sprinkle of Maldon Sea Salt. This stuff is the best I have ever had.
by Dottie Traudt
Amazing Flavor
I use it to make the Dahlia Bakery's olive oil cake (recipe available online): unbelievably moist and delicious. The recipe is quite good with any fruity, light olive oil, but with this infused lemon one, it is spectacular.
by Rhoda Besecker
Just barely received this
Since I have only had this product for three days, it's Not had many uses, but what I have used it for, I was very pleased. Tonight I baked a loaf of bread and sliced the end of still warm and slathered some of the Katz lemon olive oil on and wow what a treat
by CarolynSue