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  • Katz Citrus Blossom Honey
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Katz Citrus Blossom Honey 17 oz - California


This honey is just like you want honey to be. Super smooth, delicate, and sweet with a flavor uniqueness that is fully recognizable. This honey is a honey with a delicate citrus flower nuance, and at room temperature it pours and spoons like a smooth honey.

An aroma of orange and lemon blossoms jumps out of the jar the second you open it. The next thing you'll notice is that the honey is golden and pourable like acacia honey. The flavor opens with a divine sweetness and a nice citrus acidity that quickly moves to a heavenly lightness.

The bees that produce this sweet and delicate orange and lemon blossom honey also hold the very important job of pollinating the myriad citrus trees that make Tulare County in central California one of the premier citrus growing regions.

Gathered especially for Katz Farms from hives placed in lemon, orange, and a few grapefruit groves, these citrus blossom honeys are absolutely pure - gathered from the hive and filled directly into the jars with no additives.

Many commercially-produced honeys are heated and diluted with water to increase their yield, and oftentimes this may create problems with crystallization.

This golden orange honey is silky smooth, and we must confess it's our favorite way to sweeten freshly-brewed tea - and much, much more! It's perfect for morning toast, drizzled over pancakes, waffles or French Toast, on your granola or swirled into yogurt. And it is excellent for marinades. This is a truly outstanding honey!