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  • Kasama Chocolate Karkar Island - Papua New Guinea 70-Percent Dark Bar


Kasama Chocolate Karkar Island (Papua New Guinea) 70% Dark Bar

55 gram bar - Vancouver, BC, Canada

2021 International Chocolate Award, Bronze: Americas Bean-to-Bar, Microbatch - Plain/Origin Dark Chocolate

Karkar is a volcanic island off the north coast of Papua New Guinea. The Trinitario cacao bean was brought to the region during the Spanish Colonization Period. The cacao is grown on the fertile tropical slopes of the volcano, along with other tropical fruit crops. The rich volcanic soil, along with the tropical climate, yields a flavor profile unique to that growing region. 

Ella's tasting notes: The chocolate melts rapidly releasing a series of flavor notes: It starts with a faint aroma of whiskey which quickly becomes dominated by a rapid series of intense fruit flavors. First blackberry, joined quickly by raspberry and cranberry, which then merges with cirtus notes that glitter across the tougue. Towards the end there are notes of rich cocoa, raspberry retuns as does the faint whispers of barrel-aged whiskey.  The flavor notes in the bar are far from subtle; they are bold and move quickly accross the palette. 

ingredients: Cacao beans*, unrefined cane sugar*, cacao butter*