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  • Kasama Chocolate Davao Philippines Single-Origin 70-Percent Dark Bar


Kasama Chocolate Davao Philippines 70% Dark Bar

55 gram bar - Vancouver, BC, Canada

2021 International Chocolate Award, Bronze: Americas Bean-to-Bar, Microbatch - Plain/Origin Dark Chocolate

Davao cacao is grown on the Philippine Island of Mindanao at the foothills of Mt Apo near the southeastern coast of the island. The Trinitario beans were brought to the Philippines during the Spanish colonization period. Today, Davao City is known as the chocolate capital of the Philippines, and the Trinitario beans that are grown there are high quality and highly prized due to the unique microclimate of the region. Cacao grows along side many tropical fruits, including mangosteens, mangos, bananas, coconuts and pinapples.

Ella's tasting notes: The melt is immediate, releasing flavors of sweet madeira, dark sugar and a hint of ripe blackberry.  These flavors are joined by tropical notes of guanabana that transition to a sweet roasted pear with caramel chocolate sauce, along with a faint essence of sweet spice. As it melts, the chocolate dances across your palette revealing its beautiful journey from the Philippines to us. 

ingredients: Cacao beans, unrefined cane sugar*, cacao butter*