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Italian Candied Green Walnuts from Azieda Agricola Valier (1484)

250 ml bottle - Rivogo, Italy

Noci Verdi Candite
Candied Green Walnuts

If you want to know what the texture of a green walnut is, this might be the way to find out. The ingredients are the same as the syrup except the walnuts are cut up into quarters. The syrup in the jar is thick, very thick, and the pieces of walnut are round on one side with 3 flat sides.

The walnuts are soft, like a fresh steamed whole chestnut, firm and with a soft bite. You taste one and it takes many chews with there is fibers feel. The complete experience is quite wonderful.

Serve on a plate, serve on cheesecakes, on top of ice cream. Think of rich proteins like pork or duck. These green candied walnuts are unusual and take a moment to get used to them. Once you do you realize you can use them in so many ways. Best choice is to add them to our next cheese plate and a sweet delight atop of a beautiful creamy brie.

They definitely grow on you. And will add goodness to your plate!