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Rice Bran Oil

Mangalitsa Pig

sipping Vinegar

Recipes of the Week

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Apricot vinegar
Sea Salt
Split Peas

Louisiana Cajun Bayou Blend
A special blend of Cajun spices, with an added Mexican Accent. It smells and tastes like you expect from the Bayou No salt. No MSG.
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Italian Tomatoes
shop now for healthy eating Healthy Rice Bran Oil
I have been thinking about fat. As Fall finishes and Winter meanders in, we have rain and light rain switching between one and the other. I also find myself switching back and forth between two fats. Both are wonderful, though one is my current love.

As I get a handle on my new love, the other is still my go-to oil. This standby pours easily from our "oil can" next to the stove, clear as day when the sun shines. A little bit goes a long way.

I never worry about it going bad 'cause it's just not that kind of fat. Stored hot or cold, it rebounds to its perfect state when it meets the heat.

Rice Bran Oil has a higher smoke point and flash point than oils like peanut or grape seed. It imparts virtually no flavor to your food. It seems to roll off what ever you cook, leaving just the pure essence of your dish to sing out. If you cook lamburgers or steaks, fish or fowl, vegetables or grains, it's a good, healthy match.

Studies have shown that Rice Bran Oil will significantly reduce the evil LDLs and triglycerides. It is also known to increase HDL cholesterol (this is good), and even prevent cardiovascular disease. it doesn't change when you heat it, unlike olive oil which can turn mean.

And, quite simply, a half gallon of Rice Bran Oil has to be one of the most inexpensive oils you can love!

The April issue of Bon Appetit says "essential pantry rice bran oil. Meet your new favorite stir-fry oil."

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shop now for the best lard on the planet A beautiful healthy fat!
My new love? Lard. Can't help it. It's heaven on earth! Can't have enough of it! I use a pool of lard to fry lamburgers, to sauté onions, and to make my bacon (double bacon!) Melt a little of this white stuff in a pan and it turns crystal clear; watch your mundane egg go sunny side up.

For almost six months, I forgot about my favorite pantry save-er, butter. With butter, as you know, you can fix almost anything. If a recipe calls for this wonderful "cream-of-the-crop", adding more just makes it better.

Unless you start with lard from the Mangalitsa pig, you might just forget about the buttery need for the cream. After its continuous use for the last nine months, I am back to using butter but in a different way. For instance, just recently I topped a less-than-perfect New York Steak with a tablespoon of butter, and the combination of cooking fats made for one candy bar of a steak.

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sipping vinegar

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Vinegar is a great cure all!
With all the unrest in the world today, it's not surprising that my body feels the same way. Bloated with excess and waste, internal turmoil that you can't locate, and everything moving slower than you want. My head follows my stomach "brain," and with this comes lethargy, empathy and concern.

It seems the best food to combat the constant barrage of news is a good sip of vinegar before bed. That's right, vinegar! Good for the digestion and the taste buds; it helps settle not only your physical being but your brain as well.

What we are "sipping" at bedtime: Agro di Mosto, Essenza, Gravenstein Apple cider vinegar.

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  Happy New Year

Lehua Honey
Ohi'a Lehua Blossom
This creamy honey spreads easily and, when paired with butter, it's perfect on anything toasted!

Organic 'Ohi'a Lehua Blossom honey is made from the blossom of the native 'Ohi'a tree. Ancient Hawaiians considered this tree sacred and carved temple images from its branches. Very rare, this honey is prized by connoisseurs for its light, delicate flavor and creamy texture.

Big Island Bees' 'Ohi'a Lehua Blossom and Wilelaiki Blossom honey have the distinction of being certified as organic by the Hawaii Organic Farmer's Association. Generally, honey can only be characterized as organic if it meets the following criteria: 1. there have been no pesticides or insecticides within at least two miles of the floral source from which the honey is made; 2. the bees are not medicated to prevent disease; 3. the honey is packed using procedures that are consistent with organic practices.

Pickled Shop Now for honey

Recipes of the Week

Meatloaf with Oatmeal
Use pinhead oats to make this comfort food.

Honey & Gravensteins Apple Cider Vinaigrette
Walnut oil and cider vinegar are a natural pair and they are taken to new heights by the citrus honey.

Orange and Honey Glazed Sticky Buns
This recipe is based on the master recipe for babka dough and the cinnamon roll recipes in Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone (Broadway Books, New York, 1997)

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