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  • Hawkshead Westmorland Chutney
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Hawkshead Relish Westmorland Chutney

300 grams - Lake District, England

Having a chutney standing by in the pantry for those unexpected moments in life is definitely a good plan and this Hawkshead chutney is the perfect choice.

This fantastic and versatile condiment was Maria's and Mark's very first expression of goodness in a jar! (They’ve gone on to create 99 more products and counting!)

They started with a classic and made it friendly and personal. Instead of harsh and in-your-face vinegar, they mellowed the acid and made a chutney that has a unique personality and punch.

This daddy of all dark fruit chutneys is traditional. It’s made with dates, prunes, apricots and ginger and super versatile. It goes with everything from cheeses and cold meats to shepherd’s pie; no cheese sandwich should ever be allowed to go without this chutney.


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