Westmorland Souffle Rarebit A Hawkshead Relish Recipe


10 grams buter

10 grams plain flour

6 tablespoons milk

1/2 teaspoon English mustard

2 teaspoons Hawkshead Relish Worcester sauce

pinch of Cayenne pepper

Salt and Pepper

2 eggs

55 grams good quality aged cheddar cheese

1 jar of Hawkshead Relish Westmorland Chutney

6 slices of lightly toasted sourdough bread


Westmorland Souffle Rarebit A Hawkshead Relish Recipe

This recipe is from the cookbook Embellish with Relish, by Maria Whitehead 

This recipe is based on a traditional Welsh Rarebit recipe that was served in the Café at Hawkshead. It was always a favorite. Great sourdough bread makes all the difference.


1. Preheat the griddle or frying pan to medium

2. Heat the butter in a saucepan at low heat.

3. Add the flour slowly to the warmed butter until the butter is absorbed.

4. Gradually add the milk while stirring continuously until smooth.

5. Remove from the heat and add the mustard, Worcestershire Sauce and a sprinkle of hot pepper. 

6. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

7. Separate the eggs and beat the yolks.

8. Slowly add the yolk to the sauce 

9. Then add the cheese and stir until the cheese has been melted and fully incorporated.

10. Toast the bread.

11. Spread a good layer of Westmorland Chutney over one side of the toast and top with the cheese mixture, creating peaks to give the surface some texture,

12. Pop under a medium temperature broiler and toast until golden brown. 

As an option add some crispy bacon under the cheese for a fun crunch.