• Hawkshead Salted Chocolate Mudd
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Hawkshead Salted Chocolate Mudd

250 gram jar - Lake District, UK

Hawkshead Salted Chocolate Mudd
One whiff and you feel like your nose had a wonderful wet cocoa powder experience.

The spoon experiences this soft smooth swirl of whipped cream and the tongue brings the salted chocolate to the interior chamber that is your mouth and as your tongue pushes up it feels cool. At the same time your mouth is filled with a rich creamy rich vapor of chocolate and the flavor of it all comes alive as the spoonful salted chocolate vaporizes, poof!

You notice that the edge of your tongue, both sides, have this glorious feel of being gently hugged with a glorious chocolate salted cloud!

It is rich, light and extremely satisfying! IF this is what Mudd should be then I am all for Salted Chocolate Mudd!