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Mustapha's Moroccan Harissa - Foodservice Size
520 gram squeeze bottle
 - Morocco

Harissa is a classic table accompaniment in North African cooking and at the Moroccan table. 

Made mainly from Moroccan hot red chiles, red bell pepper, vegetable oil, a touch of tomato, salt and spices. It is an essential Moroccan condiment, and almost as ubiquitous as olives.

Mustapha's harissa is served alongside couscous and tagines. It has an unforgettably intense, slow burn that will spice up any dish - each diner can stir it into the accompanying dish to suit personal taste. Its relatively salty quality takes to lifting the flavors of milder foods, such as couscous.

Serve tiny dabs of harissa as a piquant side sauce for grilled and roast meats and poultry, or use it as a general-flavor booster for stews, soups, sauces, or to mayo for a nice easy dip. If you're looking to create an authentic Moroccan or Tunisian meal, this is a classic accompaniment.

sweet peppers (water, salt), hot pepper (water, salt), preserved lemons (water, salt), tomatoes,  vegetable oil, garlic, spices, salt

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