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  • Glace de Canard - Roasted Duck Stock - small


More Than Gourmet Concentrated Roast Duck and Chicken Stock (Glace de Canard Gold)

1.5 oz - Ohio

This roasted duck and chicken stock is reduced to a flavorful glace in the hand-made classic French tradition.

More Than Gourmet's insistence on exacting preparation in the old-world style of the classics has created a French-style cooking stock that delivers pure, intense taste and texture. Glace de Canard Gold will add deep flavor and rich, roasted color to your favorite dishes and your grandest sauces.

The consistent quality and all-natural ingredients of this French-style cooking stock bring your dishes a special, smooth taste and flavor. One little tub yields approximately four cups of wonderfully rich flavor.

This roasted duck stock is gluten-free. 

Information courtesy of More Than Gourmet

Duck stock (duck bones, water), Chicken stock, duck fat, mirepoix stock (made of carrot , celery and onion stocks), dried chicken stock, gelatin, salt, tomato paste, white wine, soy lecithin, (an emulsifier), spices. product contains soybeans.