• Etruria Amabile Late Harvest Organic Olive Oil
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500 ml Etruria Amabile Late Harvest Organic Olive Oil Umbria, Italy (2014)

To talk to Giuseppe Cagnoni about his company Etruria is to talk about olives, specifically Umbrian olives. They shine in this Late Harvest oil.

About the Olive Oil

Fruity on the nose with notes of ripe olive and hints of green olive and artichoke, the Late Harvest oil is mild, softly floral and buttery on the palate. There's a clean finish with a moderate amount of pepper.

This is an oil that accentuates food, building its flavor. It's an excellent everyday oil, performing well in the kitchen and at the table.

Producing the Oil
Only the first pressing of the finest olives go into Giuseppe's oils. He blends the more unusual Moraiolo olives with small amounts of Leccino and Frantoio; the latter two varieties comprise as little as 10% to as much as 20% in a given year, and this technically qualifies Etruria as a monocultivar oil.

The olives for this traditional Late Harvest oil come from trees that are planted mainly near the Convent of San Martino. He allows the olives to ripen well, picking them at the end of November and into early December. This leads to an oil that is softer, smoother and more buttery than Early Harvest oil. It has just a touch of pepper on the finish, and an acidity level of less than 0.3%.

Despite the romantic allure of using stones to crush olives, Giuseppe believes that it allows too much room for error. Transferring the crushed olives to the presses exposes it to light and air, allowing oxidation to occur, which increases the acid levels and detracts from the flavor. Giuseppe uses a newew process: a stainless steel machine called the Sinolea, which was developed in Umbria in the 1980s. This crushes the olives and extracts the olive oil without any exposure to light and air.

About the Producer
In ancient times, portions of Umbria were conquered by the Etruscans and became part of what the Romans called Etruria -- adopted by Giuseppe for the name of his Umbrian specialty products company.

The small town of Trevi in Umbria is perched on a pyramid of a hill surrounded by miles and miles of olive groves. This is where five generations of Giuseppe Cagnoni's family have grown olives and pressed them into exceptional oil. As in the old days, much is done by hand - and everything is organic.

About the Olives
University researchers have dated the rootstock for some of Giuseppe's trees back to 1,000 B.C. . . it seems the olives were there even before the Etruscans. The main olive variety planted on the Cagnoni property is Moraiolo, a specialty of Umbria. However, Moraiolo is not self-pollinating, and so the property is also planted with small amounts of Frantoio and Leccino, Tuscan staples. The groves are planted on the rugged hillsides in parcels that 380-600 m. above sea level.

Giuseppe's father Eugenio is a master pruner who carefully prunes all the trees once a year, the old-fashioned way: climbing a ladder and working from the top down. His services are in demand by other producers.