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Effie's Rye Cakes

7.2 oz box - Massachusetts

Rye Biscuits from Effie's Homemade
When you think of Rye, you think of savory, and you think of sandwiches. Pastrami on Rye, corned beef, or a fabulous Reuben. That's what you think of when you hear rye. So when you first open Effie's Rye Cakes you get the rye taste right away on the back edge of your tongue. And with the first bite there is a sweetness that comes out, and you crave for more! Not immediately savory, the fabulous familiar crunch (that all Effie's have) brings on the thoughts of what to pair it with. As you bite into your third "cake" you read the package in search of the "secret" that makes it so good! By the way, Joan and Irene (owners of Effie's) recommend a good sharp cheddar with these sweet and savory biscuits.

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