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  • Connetable Sardines in E.V. Olive Oil - France



Connetable Sardines in Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
4 oz tin- France

Please note: Sometimes we get the sardines in regular EVOO, and sometimes we get the sardines in Organic EVOO.  The packaging will vary depending on what we are able to get.

The sardines from Connétable, always packed in EVOO, are some of our all-time favorites.

Serving Suggestions
Like the Brits, try serving the classic sardines on toast - any plain, toasted bread works well. Just plop a sardine on top, and use a fork to flatten it onto the toast. Makes a great base for a light dinner - just add a salad, some grilled vegetables, or whatever you have handy. Sardines can also be a flavorful addition to salads, and the adventurous have been known to add them to omelets.

About the Producer
Founded in 1853 in Douarnenez, Brittany, on France's northwestern coast, Connétable is the oldest canning facility in the world. For over 150 years, Connétable has perpetuated a tradition of quality and innovation, never compromising where their products are concerned.

These sardines are processed the old-fashioned way, by hand, with local women workers skilled in picking only superior fish. Hand selection is followed by cleaning and a 24-hour draining period before filleting, until finally, the fish are packed in high quality, extra-virgin olive oil.

sardine fillets, extra virgin olive oil, salt


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Marcella and I loved these
Marcella and I loved this large sardine above all others for its meatiness and delicate flavor.
by Victor Hazan
Deliciuos Sardines
These are the best sardines I have ever tasted. Nice and meaty with a mild, pleasant flavor.
by Alice Schwartz