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  • Chocolate Caviar - Venchi


Venchi Dark 75% Chocolate "Caviar"

100 gram tin - - Italy

Chocolate Caviar!
75% dark with touch of vanilla!

This little treat of chocolate is remarkable. Made with chocolate liquor from Peru, Venezuela and Equador into tiny, tiny little morsels that can spill out of the coolest container.

Spin the top and spill enough to cover the fate and head line of your palm and toss back into your awaiting mouth! Satisfaction of pleasure will ensue!

Much softer than you expect, it melts easily and quickly, has no effective bitterness really, just a pure chocolate love is involved here!

About the Producer
Silvano Venchi established his “confectionery laboratory” in Turin in 1878. Venchi prides itself on classical production techniques, no chemical additives or preservatives, exceptional quality and freshness, and of course, unrivaled taste. The “chocolate’s soul” expresses itself in every bite of their delicious chocolates and confections.