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1/2 Kilo 500 grams - 1.1 pounds - Umbria, Italy - Organic

Organic chickpea flour (Farina di Ceci) from Umbria, Italy. Made from Giuseppe's organic ceci beans.

See the recipes (to the right) for more ideas about how to use the flour for a wonderful, successful meal.

Naturally gluten free. Not certified to be gluten free by the manufacturer.

No good Italian is without his or her own favorite recipe for preparing beans. Now available from Giuseppe at Etruria Gourmet. See the "All About Ceci Flour" for more information and ideas.

Chickpeas (or Ceci Beans, or Garbanzo Beans) are a good source of protein, high in diatary fiber and calcium. Stone ground into a flour, it is perfect for making ceci polenta, or stirring into a batter and baked to make farinata, a typical central Italian dish.