1984 was an important year.


1984 was an important year. Not because a white haired runner smashed a big screen in the iconic commercial, but because a cheese could be called Parmigiano-Reggiano 365 days a year. With this change in the rules, the cows and the feed they eat allowed for a more cheesy consistency year round. The new rules also allowed the cows to eat indoors. 

This consistency created a higher level base line, yet it made the “artisan” factor, the inconsistency from wheel to wheel and season to season harder to find. It is in fact these hand-made variables that makes this cheese great! 

In a food where terroir, water and feed for the cows is more evident in the flavor than all the other foods that we know. 

Like olive oil, every year embodies nature’s differences (every 24 to 36 months from inception), and only Parmigiano-Reggiano is different every Summer, Fall, Winter and spring! 

The cheese we offer is from a higher place, in the mountains where the cows graze on the grass, flowers, and hay makes a cheese that has the hand of man with happy cows in its final flavor. 

Rich in calcium, phosphorus and is lactose free, Parmigiano-Reggiano, when matured beyond 24 months, becomes rich in crystals of an amino acid called tyrosine created by the breakdown of the proteins. 

It’s these tyrosine pockets, best described as white spots, are points of goodness that come in quantity, from the maturation process of a cheese that is at least 24 months aged. And, when eaten as close to when the cheese is cracked open with almond shaped knives it is the equivalent to a freshly picked cherry.  

Store your cheese in plastic wrap in the refrigerator, rewrapping every week or so will allow the Parmigiano-Reggiano to keep for a couple of months. Keep in mind it is absolutely best when it is first cut, creamy and crunchy. And keep the rind for your next hearty soup, this is a crazy good flavor addition! 

Todays offering is a late Spring Cheese and we expect the wheel to arrive and to crack it open in the month of September. 

Tyrosine is given as a supplement for so many body malfunctions like ADD, ADHD, PMS, CFS, ED, narcolepsy, Parkinson’s, and as a suntan agent.