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  • Sea Salt from Trapani


Essential Pantry Coarse Sea Salt from Trapani

1000 Grams (2.2 pounds) - Trapani, Italy

The best sea salt for everything. Or perhaps it is the most versatile salt. Price, taste and saltiness are just about perfect. This is what you will use for pasta water or add to a sauce or on a roast.

This coarse Sicilian sea salt is a natural complement to fresh raw vegetables, salads, and fish. 

Use Trapani sea salt to highlight salads, to finish roasts and sauces, or to garnish bruschetta.

And we've heard from customers that it's the perfect salt for rimming your margarita glasses! It doesn't just dissolve into salty liquid, and it gives the perfect crunch.

This salt comes from the western Sicilian coast from Marsala up to Trapani, protected salt pans have been used to produce coarse sea salt for millennia. 

The salt is extracted by the natural evaporation of seawater. Passing through a series of big basins, the seawater evaporates and leaves salt.

The salt is then raked and dried under the hot Sicilian sun. 

Clean sea, sun, and wind are the only ingredients used to obtain this unrefined Trapani sea salt rich in flavor and minerals especially magnesium, calcium and potassium.