• Pomodoraccio semi-sun-dried tomatoes
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Pomodoraccio Semi-sun-dried tomatoes

19 oz jar - Italy

Pomodoraccio are semi-sun-dried tomatoes marinated in a mixture of sunflower oil, wine vinegar, herbs, spices and seasoning, and they are oh so soft and supple.

Handpicked and cut, each semi-sun-dried tomato is soft and juicy and packed with flavor. 

These super-convenient Pomodoraccio tomatoes can be used in so many different ways in the kitchen - you can even use the flavorful marinade as an ingredient in its own right!

These delicious semi-sun-dried tomatoes can do double duty as a topping for bruschetta and as an ingredient for a whole host of recipes instead of sun-dried or even canned tomatoes.

Sun semi-dried tomatoes, sunflower oil, water, wine vinegar, salt, natural aromas, oregano, garlic, chili, citric acid, ascorbic acid