Brighten up your life with Lemon Olive Oil


I remember the little lemons my Mom had in her garden in Pacific Grove. Tiny, they were like pieces of candy and their thin skin made them easy to eat right off the tree. You could pop them in your mouth and each one was sweet with a twist of tang. Some would curl your eyelids up from the tart, acid bite, but all would finish with a unique tangerine-like sweetness. 

I also remember some 25 years ago when I first had a just-pressed olive oil from the Abruzzo region of Italy. It was an eye-opening, a PhD forehead-slapping “why didn’t I think of that?” moment! It was the moment that my tastebuds and I realized that not all things we preconceive to be the same are the same at all. 

Sometimes we must wait for great things to come together – in this case, crushed together. Olives and citrus are a wonderful combination – a symbiotic relationship if you will. Like they were meant to be together!

The aroma of this magical combination will first fill your nose with a delightful citrus sweetness. Pour a big spoonful and every whiff thereafter is pleasing! On the first tip of the spoon the oil coats the lips as the tongue dips in. The aroma fills the void above the tongue and the lemon nips at the sensors around your teeth.

When you finally squeeze the lemon oil to the back of the mouth as your tongue presses to the roof, there is a tingle and sometimes a poke at the back of the throat like any good olive oil from Italy.