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We like cookbooks and the authors who make them. There is nothing like a book about cooking, and little that is more enjoyable to read. And electronic versions might be all cool and stuff, but there is something about a cookbook that envelopes the tactile and the intimate feel that you get from cooking a dish!  Every book here we own. And we try not to go "over" on how much we like a book. Though sometimes it's hard not to.

We love Powell's Books. It may be the very best bookstore in the country! An independent physical bookstore covering a whole block in Portland, Oregon is worth the visit if you are there or nearby. Not only is the cookbook section GIANT,  they pack the books shelves with new and used together on the shelf. You can't help but discover amazing finds while you peruse the aisles! So help us support our (almost) local bookstore by finding your books here.  Or shop at your local bookstore!

Not always new, as many cookboks here are out of print. Be sure to check to see if it's new or used before you buy.

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