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  • Bona Furtuna Heritage Blend Organic Olive Oil


Bona Furtuna Heritage Blend Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

500 ml bottle
- Sicily, Italy

2021 Harvest

Heritage Blend
An amazing blend of Sicilian Olives

This blend of olives, ten to be exact, are all heritage olives that are being grown in Sicily.

Including the Biancolilla Centinara, the olives that are in the Heritage Blend Nocellara del Belice (1000 years old), Cerasoula, Passalunara, Minuta, Moresca, Giarraffa, Nocellara Etnea, Piricuddara, Tonda Iblea. Many of these olives we have never heard of which make this oil all the more intriguing!

Blending olives is science and an art. In the end it is more the art of science. And great taste!

To the nose it is very robust, fills the nose with olive oil, there are hints of green tomato and artichoke.

Bona Furtuna Heritage Blend Organic Olive Oil To the tongue it feels wonderful. Lap a little up and it floats down the tongue to the back of the throat. Lap enough and you will get a good healthy bite and cough!

To the mouth it has a nice round feel, a light buttery feel with wonderful notes of artichoke, the oil circles the tongue in wonderful way. It is not an aggressive oil, but it is in fact incredibly vibrant with life. It is soft to the mouth and dissipates nicely.

At the finish there is gentle almond finish on the edge of the tongue and gentle rolling of tickling burn to cough in the back of the throat. The tingly feel lasts a very nice time.

This oil is quite nice. It is complex, full of flavor not quite like anything else. This oil is incredibly palatable. A spoonful is in fact enjoyable to consume.

If I had to choose, I would choose both!

For more information about olive oil and how to make sure you are buying a good one, ready our article, "The Inconvenient Truth About Extra Virgin Olive Oil" here.

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Smooth, rich olive oil
This olive oil is incredible! It's an incredibly smooth olive oil that adds nice depth to any dish while still having a light flavor that doesn't overpower. I love using this olive oil with balsamic for dipping bread, drizzled on hummus, on salads, lightly sautéing some veggies, anything really! Definitely one of my favorite olive oils I've tried.
by Julie