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  • Bona Furtuna Forte Blend Organic Olive Oil


Bona Furtuna Forte Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil

500 ml bottle - Sicily, Italy

Bona Furtuna Forte Blend
Organic Olive Oil!

To the nose when you first crack open the bottle there is a vibrant olive oil smell which has a twist with a hint of spiciness .

At first taste the oil presents itself as an olive oil with a smooth feel. Not to grassy or aggressive.

As the oil dissipates and glides away there is a hint and then a tickle and a cough at the back, up high in the back of the throat.

The second spoonful brings more flavor as the mouth adjusts and a hint of butteriness with hints of artichoke with a tiny bit of grass.

If you swirl the oil around on your tongue you will notice that it is very light, like a cloud that you're poking your tongue through coming with a more pronounced buttery feel.

If you suck the oil in through your teeth you definitely get the flavor of the olives and with your eyes closed, you will see the shape of the olive itself.

Tasting the oil is tricky because it's so light and fluffy and it dissipates so quickly leaving virtually no feeling of any kind of oiliness at all. If you lick your lips you can feel the oil there but in your mouth there is nothing.

It's quite wonderful. With each swallow you will get a kick and after the oil is gone you'll feel a little bit of a burn or a poke in the back of your throat. Pleasant and not offensive in anyway. Great flavor without overpowering.

This oil like its brothers and sisters from Bona Fortuna is an oil that is worth having on the shelf. Quieter in its initial presentation it is just as vibrant an oil and well worth a place in your recipes.


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