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  • Blacklick Spice Red Prickly Pear Hot Pepper Sauce


Blacklick Spice Red Prickly Pear Hot Pepper Sauce

5 oz bottle - Sugar Land, TX

heat level: medium

Another step in the evolution of hot sauces with fiery heat, to a gourmet sauce. The unique flavor of the red prickly pear shines through with a subtle swetness, and medium heat giving you a well-rounded sauce. Prickly pears are harvest at their peek of ripeness, giveing them an extra sweetness.  They they are paired with select peppers and spices before being barrel aged. Great paired with Southwest dishes because of the perfect balance of sweet and hot.

ingredients: Cider vinegar, scotch bonnets, prickly pear, tabasco pepper, spice, salt, garlic

Blacklick Hot
Red Prickly Pear Sauce

The color is sort of a classic brown sauce with specs of something in it

To the nose there's a distinct recognizable hot sauce smell perhaps it's the peppers one recognizes. It might be the smell of the Tabasco pepper one recognizes. It is this combination of three peppers that create a unique taste.

To the tongue it's sweet right off the bat, then the tongue tingles, and then in the back of the throat, you swear nothing has made it back there, it feels hot.

This sauce is more like a muscovado sugar sweet when compared to a white sugar sweet, though we know that there's no sugar involved here.

The apple cider vinegar might be responsible for some of the flavor, and the heat is not super hot killer heat, for which there is a benefit.


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