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Black Ginger Syrup with Hebesu Citrus

180 gram (6.3 oz) jar - Muyasaki Perfecture, Japan

Unique Black Ginger
with Hebesu Citrus

Like all good stories it started with the taste of a magical potion. An elixir guaranteed to induce love. (Merriam Webster, 1843)

This Ginger syrup is indeed full of love. And like much love, it is more complex than what’s on the surface or in a name.

First, Ginger draws you in because you know she is so good for your core, (protects and heals the gut, hastens movement in your gastrointestinal tract, increase your defenses against the flu and common cold) and because she turns on the spirit in your taste buds.

The sweet smell is sugary ginger, recognizable, yet not.

A large sample has a sweet syrup gulp that has a drying feel in the upper cheeks. A gulp like this finishes with tangy tingly feel on the tip of the tongue and burn like a fresh Italian olive oil in the upper back of the throat. And because of that memory you expect a cough too ensue. It does not. Maybe a “uh hum” might be extrapolated from your voice box.

Though, really, this elixir really likes to be sipped and not gulped. A large sipping spoon seems to the best way to savor this aperitif. When sipping and swirling in your mouth cavity you get a feeling of “oh that is really good”. The combination of the Hebesu, Ginger sugar syrup and the Black Ginger blends into magic!

You want more, though a little is all you need. This is really, really good stuff!!

Your mouth tingles in a delightful way as you sit back in your chair and close your eyes and remember the last time you were in a crowd.

About making Hebesu Black Ginger Syrup.

First they start with premium Miyazaki raw ginger from local farmers and cooked at a simmer with Okinawa cane sugar. This removes the typical ginger kick and creates a full flavored ginger syrup. This handmade syrup is an all day process yielding a small batch of bottles per day.

Considered a local delicacy Hebesu Citrus is a unique citrus from Miyazaki Prefecture. With a bright, rich, green color known for its vitamin C and citric acid, the fruit is believed too slow the aging process. Some limited studies show that this citrus may have special oxygen related strengths.

The black ginger is made by aging Miyazaki premium ginger in a special environment of humidity and temperature for 3 weeks.

Because the process transforms the ginger into a very hard product it is ground to a fine powder.

Though only 5% of the final product its spicy umami gives you the unique flavor that is not easily identifiable. All that tinlgy tongue feel you get is from the black ginger. It’s the reason you keep coming back for more!!!

This unique aged black ginger is 57 times higher in gingerol than regular raw ginger, helping to raise your body temperature faster. This may help enhance blood circulation and prevent cold limbs.

These four elements are mixed together to create this delicious, excited, moving, inspiring and yes, to quote “yummy” elixir!

Don’t be fooled, though your taste buds will revel in the multi layer flavor and punch, it pairs with simple things.

Don’t think you can add it to a soup and get results. Or top some dish and know it is there. As soft and supple as it is, it prefers to be quiet with a quiet punch all alone in your mouth.

A nice french pastry, like a napoleon, shares nicely and both complement each other. Testing continues …

Or do as Venus does and add Vodka.


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Excellent, Unique Flavour
Very interesting flavour. It's great with mochi or other wagashi, or even Western sweets. It's even good on its own. You can definitely smell the citrus and taste the tang of the citrus and ginger. It is also not overly sweet. A nice delicate taste. Worth it to try once. Highly recommended. Nice glass bottle, and a little goes a long way, for sure.
by Hiroshi
black ginger syrup
Bought for son and his wife - Son likes it - especially on ice cream . Said wife didn't care for it - tasted to medicinally but son said maybe they didn't dilute it as he thought they should? So this is my rating based on what son said. He's 43 and she's 36. She's Indian so thought she would like it especially since she's a fan of ginger.
by jennie