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Black Caviar Truffles

Red for the Holidays

Black Caviar Lentils

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smoked ham smoked ham
"Seattle's A&J Meats...makes the best baked ham I've ever eaten. A&J uses Berkshire pigs, one of the most highly regarded of the heritage breeds."... "The pork flavor and smokiness (also from apple wood and done to order) in the A&J ham were in perfect balance. Just as important, the moist meat still tasted great the next day--and the next and the next." --Sam Gugino in Wine Spectator

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Black Truffle Caviar Where the future
makes Black Truffle Caviar

With the look and feel of caviar, but the distinct taste of black winter truffle, this "caviar" rocks! Not salty in the way traditional caviars can be, its delicate, smooth-feeling black bubbles are a great surprise as the truffle flavor peeks its head up and says "hello" to your taste buds.

Like penny candy, these little spheres float in your mouth like a topping on ice cream; a savory treat that puts a smile on your face like a memory from the candy store. The ultimate savory candy treat!!

Be brave and pair it with almost anything. Use on a cracker, or a dollop in a white squash soup, or spread on cheese with a touch of honey. With fish and maple syrup? Mix the flavors and the textures - don't be shy!

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hawkshead BBQ spicy ketchup steak sauce Red for the Holidays
The perfect Trio for the Hamburger Lover

Referred to as a triptych, such as the ones from Francis Bacon; a series of panels, physical or visual in art, this triptych is food art for the mouth.

Red sauces to place perfectly on the hamburger or steak of your choice. Each using a perfect mix of real spices, fruits and other all natural ingredients. Each "ketchup" have a distinct flavor all sharing one design element in common; no vinegar added to get a bite, or give a bite to the palate to hide a cheap tomato. Nope, these bottles are filled with goodness and real good tomatoes!

Buy one or all three and make your own triptych.

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* Panettone Albertengo Chocolate Panettone
Just arrived! Chocolate ... delicious panettone ... chocolate ... what more could one need?! Albertengo's chocolate panettone is a delicious holiday treat. Rich in drops of pure, dark chocolate - it's the simple and elegant secret to this Italian speciaty cake. Studded with bits of dark chocolate instead of the traditional raisins and candied fruits. Add to that a Piedmont hazelnut icing - and you have a winner and a half! A real delight for those keen on chocolate.

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* Apricot Panettone Panettone with Apricot
Instead of the usual raisins and candied citron, this wonderful panettone from Albertengo is studded with chunks of local apricots, whose slight tartness is the perfect complement to the rich sweet bread surrounding them. And like all the panettone we carry, the beautiful wrapping alone would be the reason to give them as a gift, but once you bite into a true Italian panettone, it makes it hard to part with!

Get your own Apricot Panettone

* Lemon Panettone Sorrento Lemon Panettone
There is a reason that the Sorrento Lemon Panettone is the number one panettone for gifting and for yourself. It is not only wonderful to mangiare with friends and family, but as a gift, it is the universal flavor that everyone loves. Not too much fruit, not too sweet, just the right mix, and who doesn't love a sweet lemon?

The question is often asked, especially after tasting such a fresh, soft, scrumptious lofty, airy bread, will it stay fresh till Christmas? The answer is, positively, absolutely, it keeps. In fact panettone keep well into the new year (panettone is for the ten days of Christmas that lasts to the "New Year").

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* Moscato Panettone Moscato
A famous specialty with a taste all Piedmontese. Unlike the traditional Panettone that are studded with raisins and candied citron, this Panettone is made only with Sultana Raisins soaked in high quality Moscato Wine. By combining two famous, local Piedmontese products: the sweet and aromatic Moscato wine produced by the wine-dressers of S.Stefano Belbo, and hazelnut and almond icing, this Italian specialty has a unique and remarkable taste, rich only with soft raisins.

Shop now for Sultana Raisins in Moscato Wine Panettone

* Antica Ricetta Antica Ricetta Panettone
Using an ancient recipe and keeping true to the ingredients, this "old recipe" smaller panettone is perfect for one or two and is perfect for giving. Beautiful ribbon and wonderful paper encase a true Italian panettone for your holiday.

Shop now for Blue Ribbon Panettone.


non-gmo Black Caviar Lentils

Shop Now at gourmet
Black Caviar Lentils
NON-GMO, just harvested - New Crop!

Think Beluga, think small, think black and you have these fabulous non-gmo lentils! This time of year when our plates of food seem to be covered in lighter colored foods, like turkey and mashed potatoes, it's a nice (and screaming easy) way to add a little color to the plate.

These black lentils add beautiful color and contrast to a pork chop dinner with green peas. Or, if you want to confuse your guests, a nicely cooked white fish topped with black caviar truffles on a bed of black lentils is not only gorgeous, it makes the Black Caviar Truffles pop!

Shop now for NON-GMO Black Caviar Lentils
  plum pudding
Mother Sperry's Plum Pudding
The surprise over the past weekend was Mother Sperry. We have had plum pudding every year we have been open. And this year we sampled more than we have ever done before! And after one taste, the response was overwhelming, "oh that's really good!" Followed with "Where is it …"

lava salt
Hiwa Kai Lava Salt

Known to provide relief of the gastronomical type, with the emphasis on the gas, it is also used for neutralizing toxic bodies in your body. To us it makes us see black ... black salt, that is. Perfect for show, as it looks good on food. A natural contrast to many foods, it might even provide a safety net if you add it to chili!

lava salt buy me

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