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Salt of the Sea

Sherry Vinegar



do you know these chefs?

muscovado sugar muscovado sugar

saffron saffron

italian olive oil italian olive oil
batali, symon, chiarello

soy sauce soy sauce

nice honey honey for
making ice cream for Gail Simmons and for Bobby Flay's skate with smoked chile butter. What is so great is these chefs care so much about the food they make even when it is only a demo and no one is going to eat it. Great on stage, they really engage the audience. If you ever get the chance, it is worth it to go!

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sea salt Michael Chiarello
Canary Island Rock Boiled Potatoes

They look like uncooked fingerling potatoes covered in flour. Actually, what they are, are savory candies disguised as potatoes. Simply cooked in "sea" water, these fingerlings transform into a treat. The salt is smooth like a powder, and when you bite in it blends magically with the potato. Boil the potatoes in sea salt water until done, pour off the water leaving a 1/4 inch, and shake the pan as the water evaporates. Cover with a towel and let them dry. Simple, elegant, special, and man are they good! This recipe alone made me want to go out and buy a Chiarello cookbook!

michael chiarello Cullinary team, Chef Bridget Charters preps Michael Chiarello's "speed rack" for his upcoming demo. Going over all the products and what needs to be prepped for the stage.

sherry vinegar

Lustau Pedro Ximenez sherry vinegar for a mint and favo mojo recipe.


Michael's speed rack ready at the stage.

Other ingredients that were requested by the chefs, are here in pictures. It's a fun experience being in the "back-of-the-house", documenting with my camera Mauny Kaseburg's culinary team. No specific brands are asked for by the chefs and in many cases they have not seen our offerings before.


Harissa was requested by Andrew Zimmern and the culinary crew. Imagine a bunch of Chefs who all cook your dinner in a condo after a long day! That's how well I eat while in Aspen and why I send my favorites to the event!


Pimenton, both sweet and smoked, were used by various chefs including, Chiarello and Samuelson
aleppo pepper

Aleppo pepper, peppercorns, tomatoes, capers , anchovies were all requested as well.

mario batali

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  elderflower syrup
Fabulous mixer Elderflower Syrup Refreshing! Click here

olive oil

One of the finest oils to come to us in the last 12 months. We have decided to keep the introductory price so that you will try it because we are sure that you will convert just like us!

The Aqallal family has been producing olive oil in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco since 1887, winning more awards and press mentions than any other producer in the region along the way, including Travel + Leisure, Saveur, London's Great Taste Gold, Los Angeles Olive Oil Competition Gold Medal. All the olive work is done on the estate, from cultivation and harvest to bottling and packaging. The olive oil has a very low acidity level of between 0.1 and 0.2 percent.
olive oil lentils

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Cooking Class with Chef Lesa -Pasta Italian Style - Classic Sauces
Who doesn't love pasta? The perfect fare for those nights when you just don't have time to cook an extensive meal, or when you just want to feed your kids their favorite staple. Come join us as we explore a few classic, simple recipes from different regions in Italy.

This Weeks Recipes

Amlou - Moroccan Almond & Argan Oil Dip Recipe

Orange & Honey Glazed Sticky Buns Recipe

Pappardelle with Peas & Wild Mushroom Recipe

Asparagus with Blood Oranges Recipe

Peach & Leatherwood Honey Ice Cream

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