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  • Bacalaos Alkorta Cod in Olive Oil


Bacalaos Alkorta Cod Fillets in Olive Oil
200g jar
- Elgoibar, Spain (Basque Region)

On the Basque coast of Northern Spain, there is a long tradition of preserving fresh seafood of all types. Cod is no exception.

tasting notes:
At first blush, when opening the jar, you smell the fish and olive oil. (Be sure to keep the oil!) Removing the fish ( I used two knives like chopsticks ) is a fun challenge.

These “Bacalaos” are easy and ready to eat, no 48 hour soaking in water to remove the salt from the cod to be ready; pop the lid and you are in. Think a wonderful lunch on the perfect cracker for two. 

Perfect for a wonderful chickpea veggie salad or a black-eyed pea salad, where the cilantro and the cumin will pair nicely with the Spanish Cod.

 The cod is soft, as you might expect and needs gentle handling, but you will be rewarded with a wonderful flavored bite! The fish is fish, and the finish, once you have swallowed, is very memorable. We recommend you have a plan before you open the jar, such as a salad, plated and ready to be topped, or you will eat the entire jar alone!

The cod used by Bacalaos Alkorta is some of the best available in the world. This cod is fished from the icy-cold eastern Atlantic waters near the Faroe Islands, a remote and pristine archipelago between Norway and Iceland. After harvest, the fish is transported at optimal temperature and immediately processed. In this case, Bacalaos Alkorta cooks the cod slowly at low temperatures in olive oil -- preserving both the texture and flavor of both the fish and the olive oil. They then jar the cod fillets with fresh olive oil -- resulting in a perfectly cooked and succulent fish.