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  • Ayam Premium Coconut Cream


Ayam Premium Coconut Cream

9 oz can - Malaysia

When you open this can you see white coconut milk. Without any water added, just coconut makes this a wonderful cream.

When you really love the flavor of coconut this is a great way to get it. Add richness with this cream to many dishes.

Filled with lots of B vitamins and other good stuff, coconut milk is a versatile and surprisingly useful ingredient to have in your essential pantry.

Coconut milk is essential for desserts such as coconut cream pie, coconut cupcakes, coconut hot white chocolate, and of course, coconut ice cream.

It is a wonderful ingredient in savory dishes as well. Think of Thai Curry for your shrimp, coconut rice (if you use coconut milk to cook the rice), or a wonderful curry garlic pepper milk sauce for your fresh fish!

ingredients: 100% coconut kernal (NO sugar or preservatives added.  Refigerate after opening and use within 3 days)

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