• Argencove 70-Percent Dark Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar
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Argencove Dark Coconut Milk 70-Percent Chocolate Bar

50 gram bar - Granada, Nicaragua
70% dark milk bar made ith coconut milk, so 100% vegan. Made from a blend of cacao beans from both Nicaragua and Colombia, and coconut milk instead of cow or goat milk. It's really a dark chocolate bar with lots of coconut flavor.

Ella's Tasting Notes: The coconut flavor leads the way. It's joined by some fruit notes of grilled (but not smoky) pineapple and bananas.  Soft bread notes enter and combine with the coconut.  There are some bursts of citric acidity, then they die down and the coconut flavor returns, with a hint of lime.  There is a very mild underlying bitter chocolate base flavor.  The finish tastes of toasted coconut, coconut cream, and citrus. It's a bit tannic, though not harsh. It's acidity is balanced, with the final aftertaste of a Mounds Bar made with very dark chocolate and charred coconut.
ingredients: cocoa, sugar, coconut milk powder, cocoa butter