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best apricot jam!
this jam has the most amazing apricot flavor ever .it is perfect : not too sweet and then there is a dash of almond extract which just makes the whole thing divine . it is so hard to find such a pure apricot intensity in jam any more , this is a work of art ! thank you June Taylor for creating such a pure apricot flavor !! i love this so much i wish i could have it in my pantry always .
by eve
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8 oz - Apricot & Almond ButterCalifornia, tangy apricots with buttery almonds make for a terrific fruit-nut-combo spread.

Silky and delicate in texture, June makes her fruit butters from fruit that is cooked, puréed, and then cooked a second time, resulting in a concentrated flavor. The "butters" are great stirred into yogurt or drizzled over oatmeal or rice pudding, and they're also particularly suited for sweets - serve them over ice cream, alongside scones, or of course, simply with toast. The fruit butters have a very low sugar content and no commercial pectin.

About the Producer

June Taylor's wondrous array of jams, preserves, conserves, syrups and marmalades, handmade in Berkeley, invites us to expand our flavor horizons and think of these products as more than just toppings for morning toast.

For June, everything starts with the fruit, or more accurately, fruits: she uses 50 to 60 different varieties in creating her products! Her fruit is organic and grown in the U.S, much of it locally (in Northern California), and she is passionate about absolutely top-notch quality and excellent flavor, so if a particular fruit is having a substandard year, she will pass on it that season and try something else. She has a relationship of trust with the farmers who produce fruit for her, and they understand her rigorous quality standards.

In her production methods - she and her assistant make everything themselves - she insists on small, completely hand-produced batchesof her products. The process is involved and labor-intensive, but once you've tasted her preserves and marmalades, you may wonder why anyone does it differently. Even the lovely letterpress labels for her jars are applied by hand.

June specializes in heirloom and other forgotten fruits, those ignored by companies, large and small, whose product profiles are set in stone. The fruit is hand-cut and then cooked, quickly, to maintain maximum flavor. June adds only minimal amounts of sugar and only the fruit's natural pectin, basing her methods not on a formula but on taste and flavor, and so each batch is different. She would rather produce a soft-set marmalade in which the fruit shines through than meet an industrial, artificial expectation of how stiff it should be.