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  • Antica Torroneria Piemontese Cherry and Hazelnut Torrone


AS SEEN IN Food & Wine magazine!

Antica Torroneria Piemontese Cherry and Hazelnut Torrone

6.3 oz bar - Piemonte, Italy

As seen in Food & Wine Magazine. 

It's a beautiful sight, the white torrone in its regal box of red, waiting to be unrobed. This soft "style" is luscious in the truest sense of the word!

As a gift it makes the perfect statement as one of respect, and caring without going overboard. Once you cut it open, the first bite is a hard soft bite that is not sticky and, if you're lucky, you will cross through a hazelnut on the way adding just the right nut.
There is a tiny bit of tingle or sugary feel as the torrone dissolves/disappears. It's that fast!

"...I reveled in the ambrosial food that fructifies the soul, the mind, the heart." Mark Twain

We have been loving this torrone for years! And when our friend Tina loves something we love, it makes us feel pretty gosh darn good! After 31 years of tasting, sampling, cooking and eating as the head of "food" at Food & Wine Magazine, Tina has an amazing food memory of just about everything! She is the tasting encyclopedia of food!

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This product is delightful
Such a light and airy taste to this candy! The nuts in it, give it that special crunch you will enjoy! A must have for the holiday table!
by Melissa
by Cecile