After World War II, in an act of courage and optimism, Agostoni built their first factory from the rubble of a bombed block in Lecco on Lake Como. There they began the journey that continues today: to release the true potential of ancient cocoa to benefit the farmer, inspire the producer and delight the consumer.

The current generation demands the highest quality fermented beans from our farming partners. They will not trade if the trade harms their partner or the ecology of the farming region. They do not shun modernity. Continuous research and development is the heart of their family’s working culture. They harness new methods and state-of-the-art technologies with the authority of the Italian artisan and the sensibility of the Italian industrialist, pursuing the creation of  beautiful, pure and thoroughly new Agostoni chocolate. 

Producers at Agostoni Chocolate believe in an eco-sustainable future and are living this reality in their current factory built on 12 acres of land in the lakes region of northern Italy (operating since 2010). Now, the third-generation family members are taking up the challenge of producing and selling so that you can buy organic chocolate online. For the Agostoni family, making chocolate as an act of pure faith in the perfect union of ancient ingredients, artisan crafting and modern organic purity. There is just nothing like good, Italian, coverture quality chocolate!

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