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Acetoria (Acetum Manufaktur) Red and Black Currant Vinegar

250 ml bottle - Alto Adige, Italy

Red and Black Currant Vinegar

Perhaps one of the best out-of-this-world tastes I have had in a long time.

Pull the cork and inhale a nice whiff of fruity sweet currant with a slight tickle that subtly reminds you this is a vinegar.

The color of the Acetoria red and black currant vinegar in the spoon is wicked dark! Point a super bright LED flashlight straight in and it is still dark with the edges showing a rich red color. Even though it is dark it is a very heartwarming and enticing color.

Dip your tongue in a spoonful it will make your tongue tingle. With the dip you get a little Welch’s grape juice feel, though not really.

With a pursed lips sip from the spoon you get a full bodied feel right away. What a great flavor! Currant, which you may not know, is a little grape like, or wine like, maybe blueberry like too.

What you know right away is that it is tasty. Tasty good!!

Perhaps the flavor is like a pure cranberry juice, just a whole lot nicer. Or maybe it is a wine…

This red and black currant vinegar has a twist, of course, and that is the vinegar. With a good taste from the spoon there is first flavor, full and rich. Next as you move the “flavor” around with your lips and tongue not only is there a depth there is an evolution of change in how it feels.

At first if feels like a full “bite” and then it spreads out giving you flavor, then it rolls up across the roof as your tongue spreads it out to the edges and down your cheeks, finishing very dry on the edges of your tongue. It tells you a story that it is a vinegar by pouncing at the back of your throat!

Holy mackerel! This is soooo good! It has so many elements that all come together in progression to create this flavor that is identifiable and rewarding all the while disappearing before you feel like the friendship has had chance to become real.

At first I thought it would have a singular purpose. You know like for one dish, a one dish vinegar. Instead, I am thinking it is a salad, not just acid to greens, but a significant partner in every bite.

Or a stew of meat and vegetables might benefit well, like a wine that softens and sweetens the pot. Perhaps there should be restrictions on how you use it. Such as only with the fresh bounty of spring or summer tomatoes, vanilla ice cream with blueberries … or everyday in a new mixed drink.

It is so interesting, it is the friend you meet in the speakeasy and talk all night long about art and politics… this multi-faceted flavor rich vinegar is special. Just by the spoon you will be happy.

This almost secret vinegar is a surprise. Mis-labeled before it arrived, inside it is the delicious treat!