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“balsamic” my go-to favorite
a balsamic that is perfection for everyday use!

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Cherries in Armagnac in Chocolate This is a story of love ...
Once upon a time,

It was Christmas in Paris, 1928. They hadn’t seen each other in years, in fact almost 38 years had passed, and in that time their lives had switched around and they had lost contact.

To say both were not extremely apprehensive would be an understatement. He had moved on to raise a family stateside after school, she stayed to work many jobs, eventually opening a bookstore for obscure, out-of-print French literature.

Flying into Charles de Gaulle had been a multi-leg trip that seemed to last forever, though the ride into 251 Rue Saint-Honoré had been quick enough allowing the 40 minute walk to the café where they would meet. He was thankful for the brisk night winter air to clear his mind, oblivious to the fact it was barely zero C out.

She had chosen her seat carefully at the café table so the lights of the holiday would twinkle in her eyes and she could watch the door. She spotted him as soon as he was close, walking in a classic pea coat. She anxiously checked him out, her eyes darting around finally resting with anticipation on his hands.

He spotted her twinkling eyes as soon as he opened the door. She had not changed one bit, perhaps the night light and his failing eyes contributed, or perhaps it was anticipation. He saw nothing that would ease his racing heart.

As she stood and they French kissed, no wait, Faire La Bise, (French cheek kissing), he sniffed big and was pleased that there was no smell of contraband.

“Where is it, is that for me” she said indicating the brown package in his hand as they sat awkwardly down. He always liked that about her, to the point. He responded not answering her question but with a question of his own, “Where is yours?”.

She pushed a small package with her foot towards him as he handed his package to her. Smiles erupted simultaneously.

“Wow! You pulled out all the stops, Adams all natural”, she could barely contain herself as she opened the jar, a spoon magically appearing in her hand.

“Oh! A box of 16 Chocolate Armagnac & Cherries from Mademoiselle de Margaux!” he exclaimed as his nail easily pierced the cello wrapper in one swift movement, followed with the popping sound as one of the delectable treats disappeared into his mouth.

Both, simultaneously closed their eyes with joy, she with her true love, peanut butter (Peanut butter is not available here) and he with his chocolate covered cherries. (they are available here!) That moment was worth the trip!

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* “slitti Dark Cocoa
Dark and rich! Make this drinking chocolate with cream and you only need a demitasse cup to sip and satisfy. Tuscan style!

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* honey drops Christollen
A traditional loaf-shaped German sweet bread made with candied orange peels, golden raisins, rum and marzipan and covered with powdered sugar or icing. Originating from Dresden, Germany, stollen is usually eaten during the Christmas season when called Christstollen. Baked fresh.

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* “chutney” Hawkshead Chillililli
Sauce, chutney, dressing, topping or condiment. Call it what you wish, the name alone, Chillililli is the perfect gift for anyone who likes to dress up when dressing down. Though it’s spoon-ready, when you add it to your faves it’s better!

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* “toffee Sticky Toffee Sauce
No home should be without a jar of Sticky Toffee Sauce, to heat and pour over sticky toffee pudding or ice cream. At home we sauté bananas in butter for a couple of minutes, serve with Sticky Toffee Sauce poured over the top along with a spoon of ice cream. Yummy.

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* “raspberry Twigs made of Chocolate

Elegant twigs of chocolate with with a hint of natural raspberry to complement delicious deep dark cocoa notes, Sarments du Médoc are an elaborate, original product. A strict selection of the best chocolate varieties blended with carefully selected flavors results in a chocolate twig with a delicate, unique taste.They are perfect to accompany your cappuccino or hot chocolate.

Shop now for Mademoiselle de Margaux Chocolate Twigs!


Blend of 70% and 60% organic drinking chocolate

Shop Now at gourmet ChefShop.com
Drinking Chocolate
70% & 60% Bio Chocolate to create a scrumptious drink

It started with a desire to create a new drinking chocolate. One that is not like the others. Not bitter dark, not super sweet, combining the nuances of our Ultra Dark Drinking Chocolate and some of the familiarity that L'Ancienne exemplifies, the hot chocolate of our childhood memory.

Hiking one freezing full moonlit night, we set camp at the base of Hurricane Ridge. Inside my tent, I remember putting three packets of Swiss Miss into a cup of boiling water. The cup was filled with extra chocolatey goodness but it was overwhelmed with sugar. Since then, I have sought the perfect cup full of chocolate to sip, that didn’t leave me with a sickly buzz of sugar when I was done.

Finally, after all these years, we have created the perfect combination of bio (organic) chocolate. It's as easy as 1/2 cup of 70-60 and two cups of milk. Melded together in our Cocomotion or on the stovetop, the results are still fabulous.

With an opening of unexpected light floral notes that rolls into a chocolatey envelope, the mouth is filled with a wonderful fullness of chocolate. Rich, thick, sweet, a wealthy feel of pure dark chocolate bar encased in liquid.

Want it thicker? Add a 1/4 more cup of 70-60. Too rich? Add an extra half cup of liquid. We tested and tested to find this formula.

In the process we found adding vanilla can add flavor, but not always, that Pernigotti Cocoa dusted on top is always worth the shake, zest of citrus is a good twist and pretty as can be, nutmeg or cinnamon zips it up, and adding little nyuh milk warms you up with dreams of Bali. And always try a drop of Scrappy's Bitters too.

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Can’t decide? This is the most versatile, most loved, Sorrento Lemon Panettone is reliable!

Panettone - the perfect gift

Wrapped to the nines, the insides are even better than the wrapping!

cake panettone

Shipping Cut Off for Ground Shipments is Tuesday December 16. Orders must be placed by the morning of Dec 16th. Happy Birthday to those born on the 16th. Don't hesitate!

Olio Nuovo this year is extremely limited!
Italy has been attacked by a small bug which devastated the crop. California is limited due to the drought. Stay tuned as the harvest reports come in.

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