A Centenarian’s View of Food Through the Ages


--The key to having success with a chocolate covered cherries filled with a touch of alcohol and not having it spill down your chin is to: Place the entire chocolate covered cherry in your mouth, with the chocolate morsels tickling your tongue. This tickling action, besides being fun, wakens your taste buds for the bite that comes next!

--Stocking stuffer treats do not have to be sweet. Italian Olive Oil, French Mustard, British Chutney, and Spanish Marcona Almonds all make exceptional stocking stuffers, along with Nonnettes, Calissons, Slitti Chocolate, Fruit Jam, and of course Torrone!

--Way back when, when we first had these little treats I taste tested a box of twigs to make sure the first one was as good as the last one. It took more than an hour, but I sacrificed.

--I absolutely love these nonnettes! And look forward to seeing them show up in the shop for the season. This year I snuck a roll (it’s a pack of 6) out to make sure they are as wonderful as I remember and to “photo” them along with a cup of tea.

--This is a luscious spreadable chocolate cream with unexpected wonderful crunch, a natural result of the traditional processing method made in Sicily by our friends at Brontedolci, famous for their magnificent pistachio cream. 

--A friend of mine (a chef) loves this pesto. He shares it with his mom. The trick he says, is just a little goes a long, long way. It is not supposed to be a sauce covering pesto. It is really about enjoying the subtle flavors of the pasta and the pesto together!

--You can prepare the sauce while the pasta is cooking - and both will be ready at about the same time.

--This is one of my all-time favorite treats that I use to make me happy!

--Jason tells me that he ALWAYS makes crab cakes on Christmas Eve

--We all know at least one mustard lover and this is the mustard for them! I have a lot of mustard options always on hand. The only one I have to have is this one.

--Jesse has a magic touch when it comes to cakes. 

--Worcestershire has never been on my list of "Wow! I have to have it" until, that is, when I met Pabst. This Worcestershire has something different, something special. More rounded, more pronounced, more versatile, special! If you have a lover of Worcestershire in your life, treat them to this one!

--Tuna is the most perfect stocking stuffer ever. Any and all cans fit in a stocking, and whether the stocking recipient currently loves tuna or not, they will once they pop-the-top!

--This black sesame seed toffee brittle chocolate is my kind of treat. It’s the perfect amount of sweet to feel indulgent but not guilty. The rich burnt sugar taste of the toffee is great with the black sesame crunch, pulled out with a smidge of salt. Coated in chocolate. Really good 

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A Centenarian’s View of Food Through the Ages