At we search the world to find the best of the best, from Baking Chocolate to Estate Grown first press Extra Virgin Olive Oils. We source hard-to-find foods created by small, family owned producers,
like this 100-year-old balsamic vinegar and picked-at-their-peak Rainier cherries. . We value provenance, purity, and process. And we taste test and eat everything we sell.

  Panettone from Italy Italian Panettone

One of the Most Delicious Things You'll Ever Taste

"I'm back for my fourth year of ordering these amazing panettones, and they have become an important part of our holiday season. The moment you open one of these lovingly-packaged treats, you will find the aroma to be intoxicating. Try to resist poking your nose in this package over and over again. I simply can't. The rich smell of freshly-baked quality ingredients is amazing, but the best part is yet to come. Disregard any comparisons between panettone and fruitcake. The consistency of the panettone is light & fluffy, and the candied lemons are luscious but subtle. If you are looking for that special holiday gift that will impress the jingle bells off someone, you must try these (but be sure to order one for yourself or you'll regret it)."
-- Michael

Pre-Order now for Italian Panettone!

  Wild Italian Fennel Pollen Wild Italian Fennel Pollen

Outstanding addition to Roast PorK Tenderloin

"I have taken a number of classes at ChefShop, and they have all been amazing -- and amazingly delicious! This Cuban class was no exception. I didn't know anything about Cuban food before taking this class -- but Erin was so knowledgeable and the recipes were so simple. Can't wait to try all of them at home!"
-- Chef Amos Miller from Michigan

Secret ingredient for outstanding chicken

"This makes the most tantalizing addition to a roast chicken. I rubbed the chicken with olive oil, gray salt and a clove of garlic, then sprinkled the fennel pollen all over liberally. Crisp, subtle and fragrant skin, really easy and different."
-- Jodi

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  Les Ruchers de Bourgogne Maritime Lavender Honey French Maritime Lavender Honey


"Have been waiting a long time for this honey. Definitely worth the wait. Absolutely delicious."
-- Ann

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  Cane Syrup Steens 100% pure Steens 100% Cane Syrup

The Best

"I replace all corn syrup in recipes with this natural cane syrup. No more tummy bloat! No more itchy throats. We’re just too allergic to corn syrup. This is excellent for tea, coffee & hot chocolate. Bakes great."
-- Violet

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  Ingredients from around the world Ingredients from around the world

We taste test, sample and use everything we carry. Have a question feel free to email or call and will do our best to answer your question. Looking for something in particular and can't find it here or anywhere? Ask us, we might be able to get it for you. We are always interested in finding new artisan food products that you want.

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  La Vecchia Dispensa Balsamic 30th Anniversary La Vecchia Dispensa 30th Anniversary

A Balsamic from Heaven!

"This 30th Anniversary special balsamic from LaVecchia Despensa is just that, SPECIAL. We have had several different qualities by this firm (except their 100 yr) and each is wonderful but the richness and flavor of the 30th Anniversary is truly amazing. Just opening the bottle the aroma makes you want to just drink it from the bottle. The fruit flavor is delightful so you don't want to stop. But, don't do it because this vinegar is at its absolute best when devoured a drop at a time. The flavor and zing of balsamic lingers in your mouth making you feel heavenly and it makes even the cheapest sliver of cheese taste like the best in the world. We have compared this to another brand we own rated with a gold seal. This 30th Anniversary blend tops the other. A hint to first time buyers, when cutting the seal to open bottle, keep a finger on top as the top will fly off the bottle like it was a bottle of DOM."
-- Rosanne

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  Basque Black Cherry Preserves Basque Black Cherry Preserves

Open the jar of Confiture de Cerises Noires, and whilst you inhale the inner sweetness, your inner nose tingles with a tickely lovely feel.  
This Black Cherry Preserves is just plain (four ingredients) perfect. 


"Not a big sweet person but these cherry preserves all fruit flavor. A little goes a long way. Delicious "
-- Jim


"Black Cherries have a very unique flavor. These preserves enhance that special flavor and don't use too much sugar to achieve it. They have elevated toast with a little butter and these preserves to dessert. This time, I getting two jars so maybe I can share one, but I'm not sure I'm that kind (I did use "maybe")."
-- Robyn

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  Scalia Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil Tin Scalia Anchovy Fillets in Olive oil

Best Anchovies ever ...

"I am on a diet so everything I am allowed to eat is tasteless and not satisfying. I changed that with little cans of Sardines from the grocery store. Bad idea, if you buy ten cans you get ten versions of little fish. I especially hate the mushy ones. This huge can holds nearly a pound of muscular fish fillets that are fresh, not too salty, packed in olive oil easy to use once you transfer them in to a glass container with lid to keep in your refrigerator for easy access. I top them off with olive oil to keep them nice and moist. That brings me to my only complaint. The can says "Easy opening" - not so. That cute little ring that also adorns cat food cans popped off, the lid did not. It took my best can opener and half my toolbox to get to the delicious content. If you gave a guy around the house let him handle the opening. However, if you do have a guy around order two cans so you do not have to share."
-- Karin

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  Chef's Pantries Favorite things

Favorite ingredients of Chefs and a few other people too. See what they like!

Check out the Chef's Pantries!

  Kishibori Shoyu - Soy Sauce Kishibori Shoyu Soy Sauce - 1 year aged

A Gem
"This is the real soy sauce, rich tasting and aromatic. The saltiness does not overwhelm, the way commercial soy sauce does. When you try this product, it's hard to go back to all the artificial-tasting ones."
-- Mary

Kishibori Shoyu - aged 1 year!

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  Recipe Aisle Category Recipes

Click and see our collection of's favorite recipes. Accumulated over a number of years, we would love to hear your feedback. Also, if you have favorite dishes you love and want to share them shoot us an email. We love to try new recipes.
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  ChefShop Cocoa Powder ChefShop Cocoa Powder

Deep Chocolate Experience

"This cocoa takes anything chocolate to an whole new level. The depth and smoothness is beyond any brand I have used, and I have used many. Intense chocolate experience, but not bitter or harsh. Be prepared to be asked for repeat performances!"
-- Seth


"I use this cocoa powder to make mocha's at my coffee shop, everyone loves this chocolate!"
-- Kevin

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  Shakshuka Shakshuka - morning, noon & night


"Tried this as lunch w/poached eggs. Terrific! Also had w/pasta. Very, very good. You must try this sauce."
-- John

The most wonderful easy, squeezey, quick-to-make dish is here.

  Chefshop Cooking Classes 2018 ChefShop's 2019 Cooking Classes

Give the gift of cooking! One of the nicest gifts to give to yourself when you give a cooking class gift certificate to the "Chef" in your life! (You pick or they can pick, either way you win)

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