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Farmhouse Kraut

Black Peppercorns

Italian Coffee

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Bring in the new year with a happy stomach. Click on the photos below!

Olive Oil olive oil

Lavender Honey healthy honey

Greek Olives greek olives

Borlotti borlotti beans

organic farro protein rich farro

red lentils red lentils

Drinking chocolate Hot Chocolate that makes your day
It's the winter. Melt the blues away with hot chocolate. Drink the winter away! Stay Warm!
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Pyramide Pralus

albacore tuna albacore tuna
cultured kraut Farmhouse Culture Kraut

Kathryn Lukas discovered the unique and delicious difference a natural, fermented saurekraut can make while running a restaurant in Stuttgart, Germany. Recognizing the world of difference in flavor and nutritional value between artisanal krauts and those that are industrially produced, she launched Farmhouse Culture to introduce a product that is both flavorful and environmentally conscious to her local community.

Kathryn uses only hand-picked ingredients, proper shredding of cabbage and a light hand with the salt combine to create the krauts’ unique flavor and texture. Understanding that properly made sauerkraut has a distinct terroir, she creates hers with local and seasonal ingredients. What grows on the Central Coast goes into the krauts, yielding flavors like Classic Caraway, Smoked Jalapeno, Horseradish Leek, Apple Fennel, and Garlic Dill Pickle. Looking at what was regionally abundant locally she based recipes around what the nearby farms offered. And she knows every farmer who grows each head of cabbage that goes into her jars.

Healthful and Practical
In addition to delicious flavors, krauts have significant health benefits. Because they are raw, all pro-biotic enzymes produced during fermentation remain intact. High in fiber, krauts also have upwards of 80 healthful bacteria that aid in digestion and high volumes of vitamin C. The significant zinc content in kraut juice is purported to be the reason behind its reputation as a natural virility booster.

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black peppercorns Thalassery Peppercorns

Thalassery is a coastal city with four rivers. With a population of around 99,000, it is known for being an exporting seaport of a variety of spices, including cardamom and black peppercorns. Thalassery is also known for its traditional Kerala architecture.

Chefs around the world know it, perhaps not for the city, but by its anglicized name, Tellichery Black Peppercorns. It is these pungent, heat filled peppers that are one of the best peppercorns you will ever find. Once traded ounce for ounce with gold, this spice adds heat, and finishes with a tinge of sweetness to any dish.

I wanted an alternative to salt. As I was trying to cut salt completely from my diet for a period of time, I learned that a good peppercorn could enhance a dish like salt, but in its own way.

We started carrying these peppercorn because we couldn't find anything but pepper "flakes". The taste is best described as ___.

What we found is a source that "turns" or "moves" lots and lots of peppercorns to restaurants. This means fresh, and fresh in spices means flavor!

We have two friends who are highly opinionated and never hesitate to speak their mind about food. So, I was surprised when they both (they don't know each other) complimented how good our Tellicherry Peppercorns are and how desperate they get when they run out. Nothing beats a good peppercorn.

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Italian Coffee Beans

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Surprising Coffee Flavor
We are pretty big coffee drinkers here in Seattle. And, we all have our favorites and our compromises for what we are willing to drink. For some, the morning cup is the most important and after that anything will do. The reverse is true for many, where the first cup doesn't matter as long as it is so dark you can't see through it.

So, this past holiday, I was completely surprised by the amount of coffee that was consumed. We had more coffee drinkers than normal this year around the house. We consumed almost a kilo of coffee (beans) in one day.

Surprising for us because in previous years the most we consumed was a pot or two. It took a day to figure out why, but the answer was simple: The coffee beans!

Just before the holidays Tony Jr., gave me a kilo bag of beans. Now I was grateful, but I have my couple of local beans I like, and a barista who I think is amazing, and though Tony's coffee is good, it has never swayed me enough to leave my hometown favorites.

Then along came the holiday and by the end of the day I was converted. An all day drinking binge of one type of bean, brewed differently every time convinced me that this Italian bean produces one smooth, flavorful, full bodied, just plain good tasting cup of coffee.

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  Olio Nuovo
Just Pressed. Just a few bottles left!

Mustard Oil
Spicy Mustard Seed Oil

The health benefits of mustard seed oil abound; This cold pressed mustard seed oil is rich in Omega 3 & 6, rich in vitamins A, E and Beta-carotene, naturally cholesterol free, high in polyunsaturated fats (contains only 5.5% saturated fat) one of the lowest rates of any oil. Add to that a high burn temperature and a very long shelf-life -- and you have a healthy and versatile cooking oil.

Known for its spicy flavor, it is a favored ingredient in India and Australia. You can use it like any oil - although it is often used in frying. Kitty said that an Australian friend used it to pan fry his trout. Kitty tried it -- and said it was amazing.

Mustard Shop Now for mustard oil

Just-in-Updates - classes start up next week!

Aged Shoyu
Once you use this on your favorite sushi, plain white rice or steak, you can't go back. This soy sauce is the perfect example of how a product can be great if you take the time to do it right!

Cooking Classes
The new pasta will arrive soon and just in time for Italian Pasta Dishes with Chef Lauren Feldman.

This Weeks Recipes

Fried Bajra Roti
Millet flour Flatbread is a traditional Indian bread.

Basic Pasta with Olive Oil
Simple, heat and eat. But remember the quality ingredients do matter. Otherwise it is just oil on pasta.

Cold Salad with Chickpeas, figs, olives, and pomegranate dressing.

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