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  • Posardi Passata - Finely Chopped Sardinian Tomatoes


Posardi Passata - Sardinian Tomatoes

24 oz jar - Sardinia, Italy

ingredients: tomatoes, tomato concentrate, salt

Passata, loosely translated as tomato purée, is made at home during the months when tomatoes are fully ripe in southern Italy and Sardinia.

These slow-cooked tomatoes from Sardinia have their skins and seeds strained out before the sauce is bottled. The low temperature preserves all the super aromatic, fresh tomato flavor, whereas a typical tomato sauce that’s been long simmered has much less vibrant tomato presence.

Use this passata straight from the jar when making lasagna, eggplant parm, or a simple bowl of spaghetti. It’s also a superstar in soups and meat stews.

Stuff a tomato with cooked wild rice, caramelized onions, and a spoonful of passata and bake until the tomato is easily pierced. Glorious!

And perhaps the best way to make your life easier is using passata for a pizza!