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  • Organic Sprinkling Yuzu Japanese Furikake


Japanese Organic Vegan Yuzu Furikake

2.2 oz - Japan

Organic and vegan, this furikake seasoning contains mostly sesame seeds, dried yuzu citrus zest, and nori seaweed. Easy-to-use condiment perfect as a topping on rice, meat, fish or salad. 

This vegan & vegetarian furikake is made only with plant-based ingredients, and free from additives and artificial flavors. This organic sprinkling yuzu Japanese furikake is considered a typical and necessarily stable seasoning in Japan.



toasted white sesame seeds, toasted black sesame seeds, ground white sesame seeds, dried yuzu citrus zest, green nori flakes, sea salt



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I bought this for making onigiri, but it works great on just about anything you can sprinkle it on.
by Chelsea