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  • Oregon Growers Marionberry Habanero Spread


Oregon Growers Marionberry Habanero Spread
12 oz jar - Oregon
Marionberry Habanero

Marionberry Habanero fruit spread is just like Marionberry jam but with a spicy twist.

The Habanero is hidden away amongst the fruit of the Marionberry. You know the pepper is there but it doesn’t jump out and say "I’m here". I like that.

Acting like a jam on toast, it is well suited for pairing with cheese or as a dip for your next order of egg rolls. It may be the perfect marriage as a glaze on a pork chop or a topping on a pork sandwich!

Think of it as a filling in a cookie, a spread on ham, with sour cream on your next baked potato, or just a bagel and cream cheese sandwich!

It’s an ingredient that’s worth spreading around!


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Sweet, subtle heat and lovely flavor!
I grabbed a jar of this on a whim and it is delicious! Pairs wonderfully with soft, funky cheese for charcuterie. Goes great as a filling layer with chocolate cake or swirled into my favorite orange cake batter before baking. Really yummy to make Dorie Greenspan's jammer cookies with this. I've ordered another jar for a gift and will be restocking my own pantry when I run out.
by Kristin