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  • NHB Raw Walla Walla Honey by North Home Bees


North Home Bees Raw Walla Walla Honey

17.5 oz jar - Walla Walla, WA, USA

A local honey from East of the Mountains

It’s a request we hear all the time, “Do you have a local honey?” We have always carried honey from the Northwest, though recently nothing from Washington state.

This wildflower honey is in many ways, just honey. Which for me is perfect. It is smooth, pourable, easy to work with and works well in recipes like vinaigrettes.

It’s clear, it’s sweet, and it has a wonderful French candy like flavor. When you close your eyes it has this top end of light and fluffy like a cumulus cloud! It is pretty joyous to the mouth when you sweep it off the spoon.

So now getting honey from super hip Walla Walla, which is about 4 hours southeast from Seattle, is cool!

Walla Walla, if you don’t know, is a place where you can walk to explore the 120 different wineries and have great food to go with!