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  • Murray River Pink Salt


Murray River Pink Salt Flakes

50 gram bag - Australia

Salt makes life taste better!

Do you need less salt in your life? Then try salting at the table with just a pinch just before you put a fork (or spoon) in it.

Buy and get a hit of crunchy Murray River Pink Salt flakes, without too much sodium, and have your palate open up to the subtleties of flavors encapsulated inside.

Flaky salt like this Murray River Pink salt has a wonderful gentle color for a pink flamingo cool look and get an easy delicate crunch with an excellent bite!

Murray River Salt is from the ancient saline aquifers in the Murray Darling Basin. The mineralised brines of old add a special quality to this delicious salt and make the salt high in magnesium, calcium, potassium and iodine. It is a wonderful salt to hold. Sprinkle a little today.


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Murray River Salt
It’s less than half the sodium by volume of any other salt and the only salt produced from ancient underground saline aquifers fed by fresh water. Murray River Salt is a light delicate salt ideal for finishing eggs vegetables and breads. It is perfect for seasoning steak because it is completely soluble. No heavy after taste!! Murray River Salt is the first salt I reach for every time. It is dried in the Australian sun and has no anticaking chemical agents. It never bunches up in the jar and remains fresh to the last flake.
by John Kimber