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Early Robins

White Truffle Oil

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Recipes of the Week

Marcona Almonds
Madras Curry
Cocoa Powder
Chestnut Honey

Gianduia Chips Hazelnut chocolate!
32% cocoa mass, and 40% fat, this gianduia couverture is creamy Italian classic from a traditional recipe. Chocolate blended with the rich flavor of roasted hazelnuts - one of the best eat it plane chocolates we have!
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Honey Drops
shop now for Pianogrillo 5 Litres of Pianogrillo - 50% off
Buy ten bottles for $320, or 1 five-litre tin for half the price! This is one good deal! If you use a lot of olive oil, here is a great way to get an awesome oil for a steal.

Without a doubt this is one of our favorite estate olive oils from Italy.

This gold-green olive oil is intensely fruity on the nose, explosive even, with bold notes of green vegetable and green tomato. It opens with a rich butteriness on the lips and tongue before giving way to green olive and green vegetable flavor.

It ends with hints of artichoke, tomato, and a spiciness at the back of the throat giving this oil a long delightful finish. It is a full-flavored condiment olive oil with a Sicilian flair.

Try Pianogrillo on... anything! Start with toasted bread and move on through soup, vegetable, and fish courses, all finished with Pianogrillo.

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shop now for white truffle oil 250% more volume for only 17% more
We got a pleasant surprise yesterday when our shipment came in from Giuseppe; white Truffle oil in a 250 ml bottle. That's two and a half times larger than the 100 ml bottle we normally get. We quickly checked with him and he let us know that it is what he uses for his restaurant clients. At a super deal to us we are passing that deal on to you! So, enjoy, and enjoy the savings with us!

The pungent, earthy bouquet is unmistakable, as is the intensity of the faintly garlicky white truffle flavor, which lasts through a long finish. Giuseppe's smooth oil is a perfect match for the aromatic white truffle.

In ancient times, portions of Umbria were conquered by the Etruscans and became part of what the Romans called, "Etruria." The name was then adopted by Giuseppe for the name of his Umbrian specialty products company.

To talk to Giuseppe Cagnoni about his company, Etruria Gourmet, is to talk about olives, specifically Umbrian olives. Giuseppe produces his olive oil in the small Umbrian town of Trevi. The small town of Trevi in Umbria is perched on a pyramid of a hill surrounded by miles and miles of olive groves. This is where five generations of Giuseppe Cagnoni's family have grown olives and pressed them into exceptional oil. As in the old days, much is done by hand - and everything is organic.

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wild Umbrian Fennel pollen

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Grilling's Best Accouterment
It is rare. In fact, I can't remember when we last had Wild Umbrian Fennel Pollen still available in June/July. This amazingly aromatic accouterment is like the wild it is grown in captured in a jar! The smell is powerful and wonderful. And there isn't a better time than now, during grilling season, to add it to a chicken on the grill. Or add a touch to your veggies. Finish or cook with it, your only a pinch away to making summer grilling fresh and alive!

What you see in the photo is an extreme close-up. I think the variety of elements make this fennel pollen so different than others on the market.

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Wild Hibiscus
Bloom your Drinks
The early days of summer are here. It seems like we have rushed to get to this point and time has raced by. Finally, it feels like we can relax and breathe.

I opened the door to the porch and have been enjoying the sunsets and up here in the north, the sun rises at 5:16 AM and sets at 9:12 PM. Not quite like Denali, where the sun is rising at 3:54 AM, setting the next day at 12:12 AM, we do get the magic hour of the setting sun giving us another hour to our day.

It is these moments when it's nice to have a cool drink that is pretty cool. One way I do this is to add a Wild Hibiscus Flower and syrup to almost anything I am drinking. It's like a little reward for surviving the year up until now ...

And if you are having a party and feeling like sharing your festiveness with friends and family, what better way than to "bloom" your drinks!

Hibiscus Flowers Shop Now for Wild Hibiscus Flowers!


7 days to harvest - Fresh, Washington Cherries
The earliest harvest will be in 7 to 10 days. We will be heading out to the Stennes' soon to see the pickings! I can't wait - cherries! Early Robins, Rainiers, Bings, Lapins, and Sweethearts. Start your season off early, and don't stop eating until the very last, luscious, red, sweet cherry-liscious drop. Click here to meet the cherries in a short video.

Copper River Salmon is Running!
Time to order vibrant Sockeye. We have been testing and the salmon is superb as always. We expect to have a couple of pounds on the grill for our July 4th party.

Cooking Ingredient Class Updates

Summer Fruit Desserts
Next Week: It's the height of summer, and the farmer's markets and grocery stores are just bursting with scrumptious-looking stone fruits and berries. To pass them up would be criminal - after all, cherries and blueberries come but once a year. But how many cherries can we realistically consume out of hand, without regretting it later? Come help us find a few scrumptious ways to enjoy the fruit bounty of the Northwest. Explore new flavor combinations that will knock your socks off!

Grill Like a Pro
Looking to expand your grilling repertoire but not sure where to start? A grilling class might be just the thing. From seafood to steak to vegetables, we'll have you grillin' like a pro with a variety of tasty international grilling sauces, rubs, and marinades. There are still a few spots left on July 6th. Come on down!

An Italian Summer
Sink your teeth into five seasonal dishes with an Italian accent. Our meal will be prepared outdoors, weather permitting; Storytelling, laughing and an excellent meal are guaranteed - rain or shine. Together, we'll enjoy: Tender Arugula Salad with Melon; Borlotti Bean Puree with Fettunta (Grilled Bread Dipped in Olive Oil); Hearth-Roasted Eggplant, Tomatoes and Olives; Caper, Tuna and Lemon Pasta; Chocolate Zucchini Cake. Come MANGA with us! .

This Weeks Recipes

Sweet Veggie Tempura
This month's Bon Appetit Magazine reminded me how sweet veggie tempura can be. This is the season when we can dive into our garden, and just start frying things up. And don't forget the perfect tempura oil: Rice Bran Oil. It is what they use in Japanese Restaurants to get that perfect tempura crunch without making the veggies soggy. High heat, a little added flavor, and light as can be; it just can't be beat!

Sweet Cherry or Blueberry Tempura
OK, so the recipe says "Peach Tempura", but you can use cherries too. Actually, you can do whatever you want. When you tempura fruit, it gets all hot and melty in the inside, and gets all crisp on the outside. Great topped with homemade honey ice cream, or just a really good honey drizzle.

Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey Ice Cream
And what better honey to use than Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey. Not too sweet, lots of favor. Can't wait for 4th of July - I know what I am having for dessert.

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