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  • Mieli Thun Forest Honeydew Honey



Miele Thun Forest Honeydew Honey

250 gram jar - Italy

Forest Honeydew Honey

Mieli Thun

Mieli Thun is one of our favorite producers of honey. Unique honeys and style of taste and feel is the best way to describe how they make honey.

To the nose it smells like honey and has a dark honey richness too.

To the tongue it is not a smooth lightweight honey. It is indeed rich and vibrant. Honey is tough to describe, there is of course sweetness, but as honey goes, this one is on the less sweet end. And it is good.

With interesting notes of carob, rich green veggies (hidden), with all the flavor in the middle of the tongue. No sharp bitter tones on the edge of the tongue like many of the darker honeys.

Thun says that has the highest mineral content - up to 1.5% particularly of potassium and so good for athletes.

The first taste was unexpected. By the second and third I was convinced that this is a delicious honey that can span toast and butter to being an important integral element in slow cooked beef.

And just as we would use honey with sour cream or créme fraise, consider using it with boiled carrots or sautéd with onions!

A super honey from a family of Nomadic beekeepers!