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  • Leroux Instant Chicory - Plain


Leroux Instant Chicory - Plain
200 gram glass jar
- France

I went coffee-free in the middle of the summer. I thought I was having a bad re-action to spending to much money on “mixed milk drinks”. Turns out it was the caffeine that was making me wacky.

It took me a while to figure out that I shouldn't also have tea and chocolate either. Add dropping gluten (most of the time) from my diet and now my life feels like a disaster!

Stopping caffeine in the summer was not so terrible as I was mostly craving ice water with Elderflower syrup, but when the winter cold arrived and it felt like I had nothing. No warm companion to sip whilst I tapped at the keys trying to make sense of life itself, a life without warmed caffeine.

Then I turned to my warm savior, Leroux Chicorée (chicory) from France. We’ve had it for customers who have been drinking a decaf coffee alternative for years. The color resembles coffees darkness and richness with its own unique flavor.

The story should end here, but when I studied a bit deeper on chicory it turns out it is an amazing healthy bit of nature.

Its positives are: High in inulin, a powerful prebiotic, creating healthy flora, enhancing digestion, fighting acid reflux, heartburn by reducing acidity, cleansing blood, purifying your liver, antioxidant activity, and relieving arthritis pain! And there are some studies showing positive results on fighting certain cancers including breast and colorectal.

You should do your own research on this amazing plant!

And don’t think you need to find a wild field of Chicory and cook it into a tea to consume it, this Leroux Chicorée is just a spoonful away from adding to your diet everyday. Easily dissolves in liquid, like milk or hot water! And even if you're not caffeine free, you can add it to your favorite coffee or Jaipur Avenue Chai! I am a convert of the Leroux instant chicory!