About Chai

Since ancient times, chai has been a daily tradition in India, a beverage shared with friends and family and served any time of the day.  The freshly brewed Chai blend of black tea, milk, and exotic spices is the perfect beverage to soothe your soul and refresh your mind no matter the stresses you are experiencing that day, htat month or that year. The faraway Indian city of Jaipur exemplifies the ancient beverage tradition at its best, and Jaipur Avenue Chai Mix is your instant passage to this magical land by making the chai experience easy, delicious, and something you can enjoy anywhere, anytime. Just add water, hot milk, a touch of cream, to enhance the milky-ness, and then sit down, relax and enjoy YOUR hot (or iced) chai. And it's less sweet than most of the commercially produced chai on the market - Perfect!